so far nothing

if anyone is still reading this, i`d like to try and keep you updated.

I moved to japan 6 months ago and have been extremely busy, hence no updates.

I have heard nothing from guru.

I am interested to hear what the donators would like to do about this.. do we wait.. or??

official update, no surprises.

I recieved an official update from guru - and it's pretty much exactly what I expected.

edited highlights

"no update yet. your PCB is in the long TO-DO list. I'll get to it eventually."

"However probably you won't see it in MAME for many years because Cave know about MAME and will request any new games to be removed if it's added. "

"I hope you didn't think MAME would be running this game by Christmas, it's just not going to happen for many years. To think like that is unrealistic for this particular game given Cave's known protection of their intellectual property and the difficult-to-emulate hardware that these newer games run on.

In any case, I just dump ROMs, I have no control over what is added to MAME, who works on any particular game or when a game is added or rejected.

I can assure you it will be in MAME eventually, but when..... I have no answer for that question."

Hopefully that will answer everyones questions.

General update

Apologies for the long time in updates. If you have been reading the replies in the last post you would know some of this already.

sadly there is not much to tell..

as you know, GURU has the PCB, that was announced a long time ago.

So far there has been no news - there has been a lot of talk on the shmups forum and a lot of bitching, which I feel will only make things worse.

I recently sent this mail

"I was wondering if there has been any progress regarding the ketsui PCB dump - i've been asked by a lot of the donation group for an update, so I thought I should politely ask if you have anything to pass back to them.

with respect and patience.


So far there has been no response.

 in previous exchanges , I had this response.

> what's the average turnaround ?

whenever I get to it :-D
Emulation will take time anyway. "

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so, yes, we have a working ketsui board.

I paid $300 out of my own pocket to get it.

I'm hoping to update the rom so that it doesn't have the demo bug etc.

I'm also hoping for a few more donations to even it out.

the board will be going to guru very soon.

any questions?